5th April 2020

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Michael McManus (RIP) – Funeral Service
Monday 6th April at 2.30pm at St Peter’s Cemetery

VISITS TO THE SICK & HOUSEBOUND – Visits to the sick are now only allowed in the case of emergency. However, I am still available to offer phone and prayerful support. If you are feeling lonely, please feel free to phone me for a chat. Having a slight stammer I am not great on the phone, but it is always nice to hear from you – so feel free to phone or email. I am still around.

MASSES – As you can see from the bulletin I am still celebrating Masses in the parish on a daily basis. The parish is still functioning as far as is possible. If you would like Masses saying for your loved ones, please do not hesitate to contact me.

PARISH OFFERTORY – I have been asked by a number of parishioners how they might be able to continue contributing financially to their parish during these days when access to the church is not longer possible. If people wish to continue giving to the church at this time, there are two ways possible.
Giving by Text – We now have the facility to take offerings using text messaging. To use this service and to contribute £5 to the Parish Offertory, please text;
Please note that it is a feature of the text-giving facility that allows for no more and no less than £5 to be given to the Offertory via each text. If your regular weekly parish giving is either more or less than this amount, please feel free either to send more than one text – or maybe use this facility just once a month.
Standing Order Mandate – More and more people are paying their offertory collection by Standing Order, rather than using cash each week. If you would like to start using this facility please download the standing order form from the parish website or contact Annette Crowther and she will arrange to post one to you. If you have any questions about setting up a standing order with the parish, do not hesitate to contact Annette Crowther the Parish Administrator. The following contact details are for both St Mary’s and St Patrick’s.
Annette Crowther:
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07738901165
Thank you for supporting the work of the Church: your generosity is much needed and particularly appreciated at this time.

FUNERALS – Sadly on Thursday new more stringent restrictions were implemented by Kirklees Council regarding funerals that take place in Dewsbury Moor Crematorium. They have now adopted a policy of ‘Direct Funerals’ which means that only the body is allowed to come into the crematorium. If a service is to take place, this is with no mourners, only the priest. The service must last no more than 20 minutes, in order to increase the capacity of the crematorium. See the parish website for full details of the new policy.
So far, there have been no further changes to what happens at the graveside – where the immediate family can gather around the grave (whilst complying with social distancing guidelines) and the other mourners gather further away from the grave again complying with social distancing guidelines. If anything changes I will be sure to let you know straight away.

PARISH WEBSITE – I am adding new things to the website on a daily basis as and when things change. To get an up to date picture of what is happening please keep referring to the websites, there is a lot of important and helpful information on there. Many thanks to Michelle and Patrick Anderson for their continued support here.

PARISH ADMINISTRATION – Many thanks to Annette Crowther who continues to make sure that things are as up to date as possible in the parish. I appreciate all the help.

Dear Parishioners,
I hope you are keeping well and keeping as safe as possible during this surreal time. It has been nice to speak to a number of our parishioners on the phone. Sadly I do not have all your numbers, so if you would like a phone call, please do send me your number and I will be I touch. I am still in and around the parish – if I can be of any help, do not hesitate to contact me. (01924) 474650 – [email protected]
Please keep the world in your prayers as it struggles to tackle the Coronavirus. May we especially remember the 1000s who have died. It is a very sad and tragic situation. Also, we remember those who are now struggling to keep afloat financially and have the worry of job insecurity.
Let us keep each other close in our prayers. Take care and God bless, and remember I am only a call away if I can help.
God bless.
Fr Eamonn

I have had a number of enquiries as to how people can continue giving to the Parish Church at this time. The Diocese have very helpfully set up a facility by which people can give their offertory collection to their church by text. In order to use this facility please do the following:
To donate £5.00
Text either: CHURCH BATLEY or CHURCH BIRSTALL to 70500
…to make your contribution.
This facility can be used as often or as little as you wish in order to match your usual weekly / monthly giving.
Thank you for your continued support at this time.
Fr Eamonn

If you have any items for the parish bulletin, please may I have them no later than Thursday 12.00noon. These can be sent to Annette Crowther here or post them through either presbytery letterbox and I will pick them up and add them to the coming week’s bulletin. Many thanks.