31st May 2020

To download a copy of the bulletin this week please click here.


PEGGY WALKER – Monday 1st June – 2.00pm – Batley Cemetery
TERESA KELLY – Wednesday 3rd June – 12.00noon – Dewsbury Crematorium
TERENCE LEACH – Thursday 4th June – 10.30am – Dewsbury Crematorium
ANGIE ELLIS – Tuesday 9th June – 10.30am – Dewsbury Crematorium

VISITS TO THE SICK & HOUSEBOUND – Visits to the sick are now only allowed in the case of emergency. However, I am still available to offer phone and prayerful support. If you are feeling lonely, please feel free to phone me for a chat.

MASSES – As you can see from the bulletin I am still celebrating Masses in the parish on a daily basis. The parish is still functioning as far as is possible. If you would like Masses saying for your loved ones, please do not hesitate to contact me.

RE-OPENING OF OUR CHURCHES – As you know we are now trying to put plans into place for the re-opening of our churches. As one priest said to me this week, ‘It will be harder to re-open our churches, than it was to close them down!’ Your safety is an absolute priority.

In order for our churches to open, must have a plan in place. This plan must include at least the following;

• At least 2 volunteers are there in the background (socially distancing)
• The volunteers will enable access to the church and close the church too.
• The church will be wiped down after each session of use.
• The church will be partitioned to ensure people do practice ‘social distancing’
• A ‘one-way system’ will be in use in the church
• All necessary PPE is available
• Strict social distancing will be adhered to by those who come into church

Having spoken to the Diocese this week, I am informed that unfortunately, but very sensibly, people who are aged 70 and over (or anybody who has any underlying health conditions) are asked to please not volunteer your services to open / close / clean the church for the periods of private prayer. This is just to ensure your safety. I know many who are in this age bracket would have been willing to help, but as I say, I think it is sensible that you put your safety first. This does not mean that you are not welcome to come to your church for private prayer  –  you are very welcome  –  it just means that you are unable to volunteer your help.

AGED 69 AND UNDER?  –  ‘YOUR CHURCH NEEDS YOU’ – In order for St Mary’s and St Patrick’s to re-open, it will therefore need a team effort. As I always say, ‘many hands make light work’. If we had enough volunteers to start a rota, this would not be an onerous task.

I envisage that initially St Mary’s and St Patrick’s will be open for private prayer for 1 to 2 hours, on alternate days, perhaps as follows;

Monday-St Patrick’s
Tuesday-St Mary’s
Wednesday-St Patrick’s
Thursday-St Mary’s
Friday-St Patrick’s
Saturday-St Mary’s
Sunday-St Patrick’s  &  St Mary’s

The churches will be opened at a time agreed with the volunteers who are available.

I will be honest, unfortunately the appeal for volunteers so far has not been too successful. However, I am totally aware that many of you are just not able to offer your services, even if you wanted to. As I say, ‘safety’ is the priority. But if you are able and willing to offer your help on any of these days, please do contact me and we can try and put together a rota and enable the first phase of church re-opening to happen as soon as possible, once we are given permission.

Fr Eamonn : Home No.(01924) 474650
Fr Eamonn : email here.

DEEP CLEAN OF OUR CHURCHES  –  As part of our preparations to get our churches ready for re-opening, Annette Crowther has today spoken to a cleaning company who are going to come out next week with a view to eventually doing an eco-friendly and anti-viral deep clean of both of our churches. Obviously this will not take place until right before the date our churches can re-open. As I said earlier, every precaution will be taken, to do all we can to ensure your safety once we are back in church.

PARISH OFFERTORY – I have been asked by a number of parishioners how they might be able to continue contributing financially to their parish during these days when access to the church is no longer possible. If people wish to continue giving to the church at this time, there are two ways possible.

Giving by Text – We now have the facility to take offerings using text messaging. To use this service and to contribute £5 to the Parish Offertory, please text;
Please note that it is a feature of the text-giving facility that allows for no more and no less than £5 to be given to the Offertory via each text. If your regular weekly parish giving is either more or less than this amount, please feel free either to send more than one text – or maybe use this facility just once a month.

Standing Order Mandate – More and more people are paying their offertory collection by Standing Order, rather than using cash each week. If you would like to start using this facility please download the standing order form from the parish website or contact Annette Crowther and she will arrange to post one to you. If you have any questions about setting up a standing order with the parish, do not hesitate to contact Annette Crowther the Parish Administrator. The following contact details are for both St Mary’s and St Patrick’s.
Annette Crowther:
Email here
Mobile: 07738901165

Pay by Card – following advice from the Diocese we now have a facility available to the parish, whereby people can make donations to the parish via their bank cards. This facility is available on the parish website and is very quick and easy to use.

Thank you for supporting the work of the Church: your generosity is much needed and particularly appreciated at this time. If you have any questions about your offertory giving, please do not hesitate to contact Annette Crowther and she will be happy to help.

ONLINE PRAYER INTENTIONS – We now have a new facility on our website for our personal prayer intentions. You are very welcome submit your prayer requests and we as a parish will also remember these prayer intentions in our own prayers. It is good as a parish that we not only pray with each other, we also pray for each other too. If you wish to use the ‘Online Prayer Intentions facility, please click here.

RECORDED PARISH MASSES – I continue to record Masses from our parish churches. It still feels very strange being in our churches on my own. But I know the Masses have been appreciated by you. It is good for you to be able to see your own church and maintain some link at this difficult time. To access these Masses click here.

PARISH WEBSITE – I am adding new things to the website on a daily basis as and when things change. To get an up to date picture of what is happening please keep referring to the websites, there is a lot of important and helpful information on there.
If you have any thoughts of what you would like to see on our websites, please do not hesitate to contact me – if we can do it, we will certainly try. It is a Parish Website and so new ideas from the parish are always welcome. Many thanks to Michelle and Patrick Anderson for their continued support here.

PARISH ADMINISTRATION – Once again a big thank you to Annette Crowther who continues to do all she can to make sure that things are as up to date as possible in the parish. I appreciate all the help, especially at this time. The annual returns are now in so that is another big job that has been completed.
Moving forward, planning is now taking place as to how we as a parish can be better prepared, should a similar ‘lock-down’ situation arise again. Reaching those online is possible, but how we reach those who are not online, is more difficult but equally important. We will be looking at ways I which we are able to reach out to all our parishioners should the need arise again. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

CORONAVIRUS HELP AVAILABLE – This week I have received the following two contact numbers of agencies which provide help and support for people who are struggling at this time. If you need help with shopping, collecting medication, or require a telephone call to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness, the following numbers may be of help;

Kirklees Communities in Action:
01484 226919 (8am – 6pm weekdays)
or visit here

NHS Volunteers:
0808 196 3646
or visit here


To donate £5.00
Text either: CHURCH BATLEY or CHURCH BIRSTALL to 70500
…to make your contribution.
This facility can be used as often or as little as you wish in order to match your usual weekly / monthly giving.

You can also donate by clicking here:

Thank you for your continued support at this time.
Fr Eamonn

If you have any items for the parish bulletin, please may I have them no later than Thursday 12.00noon. These can be sent to Annette Crowther here or post them through either presbytery letterbox and I will pick them up and add them to the coming week’s bulletin. Many thanks.