‘On Fraternity & Social Friendship’

Last Sunday Pope Francis issued a new Encyclical Letter for the Catholic Church and indeed to the whole of humanity called ‘Fratelli Tutti’  –  ‘On Fraternity & Social Friendship’. This very important and much needed message in today’s world focuses upon Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together. It reminds us again of the dignity of all peoples, made in the image of God. Calling upon us to look at the world again and see it through the eyes of faith, the eyes of Jesus who calls us to be one.

May I encourage you all to take time to read and even more to reflect upon this important document. It is a radical but faith filled document which is calling us to totally change the way we see the world, the way we see each other.

For further information please see links to the following…

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In due course, hopefully next year when things should be better, we can come together as a parish and spend some time sharing and reflecting over this document from Pope Francis and how we can respond to its challenge, both as individuals and as a local parish.

God bless you all

Fr Eamonn