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Dear all,

In these times when we are all a little isolated, it is nice to keep in touch and encourage each other.

I invite you to please post your thoughts, and words of encouragement to each other. All contributions are welcome – whether it is a poem, something funny, a spiritual reading or just a nice thought.

Let’s keep in touch and help each other through these challenging times.

I miss seeing you but you are close to me in my thoughts and prayer.

God bless

Fr Eamonn

Click here for our shared lockdown photos.

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  1. Hi Farther
    I was just wondering when the holy water fonts in our church will be in use again.
    It would nice to able to make the sign of the cross with the blessed holy water on entry and exits to our beautiful church.
    regards Stephen Halloran

  2. Dear Father Eamon, we just wanted to say a very big thank you for the wonderful Holy Week and Easter services. We have thoroughly enjoyed participating through live streaming. You obviously work tremendously hard your parishes and it shows. Your congregations are very lucky indeed. As we are, being able to join you from the Scottish Highlands. A very happy Easter to you.
    Best regards Michael and Cheryl Watson

  3. Hello Fr,

    We’ve had some tough times with our littlest being born the day before the pandemic. We have been watching your masses on YouTube & waiting for a time where we aren’t isolating to finally head back to Mass.

    Thank you for everything you’re doing. I look forward to finally booking Tobias’ baptism.

  4. Hello Fr Eamonn, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for streaming mass. We are watching from north of Inverness up in the Highlands of Scotland. Your services are terrific and meaningful and mean a lot to us. We have particularly enjoyed the Easter services. I hope that you will continue to stream mass after lockdown ceases. Thankyou once again. Happy Easter.

  5. Hi Fr Eamonn
    How nice it was to hear a crying baby,s voice at the live St Pat, Saturday evening mass. The sound was so beautiful to my ears and brought a tear to my eyes. Keep the good work up Father

  6. Having just watched the carol service we would just like to say a big thankyou to you Father Eamonn and to all the children and parishioners involved. It has been lovely to watch and helps us remember that this is what Christmas is really about. A special thanks to Michelle and her husband for all their work throughout the year enabling us to keep in touch through the websites and Mass recordings for both parishes. It is very much appreciated.
    Thanks again
    Margaret and Andy Hill

    • Hi Margaret and Andy,
      Thank you for your message. Glad you enjoyed the service – and we have been very happy to help out during the year. Hope you have a lovely Christmas, and all the best for 2021.


  7. Good morning everyone

    Joe Weaver called me today and we had a lovely long conversation.
    As many will know, Joe was a Parishioner of St. Mary’s all of his life, up to 3/4 years ago when he moved to Harrogate to be near to his daughter and family, something he didn’t really want to do, but his family wanted him to be nearby so that they were able to support him better. He still greatly misses St. Mary’s Church which he loves and dearly wishes he’d been able to stay here. He misses the friendships and social life. He was a regular visitor to the Social Club where he just loved to dance whenever he could, at least 2/3 times weekly.

    Joe wanted me to pass on his love and prayers to all of his friends and to everyone here in
    St. Mary’s. Sadly Joe has little sight now and is limited in his ability to go for his daily walks. He still longs to be back in
    St. Mary’s, a place he loves. At the age of 98 Joe says to let you know he feels well other than his limited sight and no use of his right arm. He has a great spirit.

    He wanted me to apologise on his behalf to all those who may have wondered why they weren’t receiving his Christmas cards as he’s now unable to do this sadly and can’t keep in touch as much as he would have liked to do but he still thinks of us every day.

    The Parish he’s in now has a well established SVP and one of the members takes Joe to Mass whenever it’s possible. His love of the Mass is something he holds dear.

    He would like to wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Christmas and prays that the New Year brings a better life for us all.

  8. From Gordon Coppard .Brittany FRANCE re Kirsty Macintyre. God be with David and George at this sad time. Sorry I cant be there with you I know your mum and all your family will give you their support .Love and remember you

  9. Are there any relations of Henry Howley or does anyone have contact info for them
    – a family connnected with St. Mary’s for many years. Henry emigrated to Florida but visited here from time to time, including one time joining the St. Mary’s Folk Group. When he approached me about joining he said he sung in the Choir in Venice – for one minute I thought he meant the massive choir in Venice, Italy.
    He produced a book of poems which he signed and gave to me for our family. As we’re quarantined for three months at the moment it’s been a good time to have a ‘clear out’. I came across his book of poems and thought someone in his family might like to have it.

  10. Thankyou Father Eamonn for another uplifting mass this morning At least we are able to partake of the Holy Mass together due to you and the help of Michelle and Patrick May I take this opportunity to say to you and all my friends God Bless You all and please STAY SAFE Best Wishes Iona Hill

    • Thank you so much for this mornings Mass in the time of Pandemic Fr. Eamonn.
      I found it quite moving – after all who amongst would have thought that we would ever be taking part in one of these? But also very restorative and encouraging!

      Thank you to Michelle and Patrick too for allowing us to take part in the Mass at home. And whilst I’m on here – well done Tolan! You give us all hope. Sending love and prayers for your continued and speedy recovery.

      Keep safe and well friends old and new!
      Teresa Cardle

    • Dear Iona,

      You are very welcome. I am glad you were able to join us too for the Mass. It is great that we can keep this link at this time, thanks to the skills of Michelle and Patrick. I will be glad though, when we are all back in church again together. It is much better when you are all there too.

      I hope you and yours are keeping well and safe.

      God bless.

      Fr Eamonn

  11. Dear Parishioners / friends,

    May I please ask for your prayers for Tolan Kilgallon who is very poorly at this time.

    We are praying for a miracle that he comes through this and survives. As our Bishop Marcus Stock said to the family, “Miracles do happen. We must storm Heaven with our prayers!” Let us keep our hearts and thoughts with Tolan and the family and offer our unceasing prayers for them all.

    Thank you and God bless you all.

    Fr Eamonn

  12. I listen , I watched, I was there, thank you Father Eamonn for the Good Friday Mass

    • You are very welcome Stephen. Wishing you a very happy Easter. I hope you and all are keeping well.

      God bless and keep safe.

      Fr Eamonn

  13. Thank you Father Eamonn for your masses, today’s Palm Sunday was particularly nice and I find the Holy Hour uplifting. It is wonderful keeping in touch with our faith and I’m sure it will help pull us all through. Also, my friend Irene in Clarkesville, Tennessee, USA a past Parishioner is following you. God bless and stay safe x

    • Dear Cath, it is lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your message. I am glad you are finding the Masses and Holy Hours helpful at this strange time – and may I say a big ‘welcome’ to Irene in Tennessee. It is nice to have you back with us in Batley.

      You take good care and as safe as possible. You know if there is anything I can do to help, I am only a call away.

      God bless.

      Fr Eamonn x

  14. Thank you Father Eammon for allowing us to join in your mass on Sundays. This is very uplifting at this time. Being able to partake in the Easter services also will be a great joy for us all. Take care and keep safe until we can all get back to normality. God bless.

    • Dear Maureen,

      Thank you for your lovely email.

      I am glad the Masses are helping. It is certainly a surreal time for us all.

      I hope you are keeping well and as safe as possible.

      Take care and God bless.

      Fr Eamonn

  15. Thankyou father for the Sunday Mass. As im in quarentine for the next 3 months along with many others, it is good to know we can celebrate mass from our home, its comforting. God bless you Father.

    • Thank you Fr. Eamonn for the lovely Mass and sermon. Life is very different currently but if we all do as we are asked we will get through this horrible time. Take care everyone and stay safe

      • Thank you Jenny,

        Yes life is certainly very different now. I like us all, will be glad when we return to some kind of normality. But in the meantime, let us all do what we can to keep ourselves and each other safe.

        I hope you and all are keeping well.

        God bless

        Fr Eamonn

    • My pleasure Pat.

      I am glad you enjoyed the Mass. I must say it is surreal celebrating Mass in an empty church. I will be glad when you can all be with me again in church – it is not the same without you all there.

      I hope you are keeping safe and well.

      God bless

      Fr Eamonn

    • Hello Pat,

      It is nice to hear from you. I hope you are coping with the isolating!! You know I am only a call away if there is anything I can do to help.

      Take care and keep as safe as possible.

      God bless.

      Fr Eamonn

  16. Thank you Fr. Eamonn and Michelle for allowing us the privilege of accessing the Holy Hour.

    It seemed very surreal but at the same time so comforting!

    Thanks also for putting up my photos Michelle. They were some of the things I saw on my daily walk. Signs of the beauty and gentle presence of God amidst all of the chaos. Loved the cat who must have thought I was crackers taking a photo of him! 🐺 😂

    Love and prayers to all at this difficult time.
    Teresa X

    • No worries 🙂 Thank you for sharing the photos – I thought the cat was cute!
      I am just about to put the Mass up for this weekend, it will be available shortly.

      Michelle x

      • Many thanks to Fr Eamonn and to all the team who helpfor this important work of bringing us together. Sunday Mass is an important reference point in the week and it is good for us to be able to mark it together as a family. Best wishes and prayers to all.

        • Just heard from my sister Eileen in Olympia USA saying how much she appreciated last Sundays Mass. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how far across the world our Mass has travelled. Possible exercise for the home-schooled bairns to plot the places on a country/world map?

          • 😁Wow i am an internet sensation hee hee. Well may be in my head anyway. Thank you Peter for your comments and as always your support.

            Hope you and Sylvia are well.

            God bless.
            Fr Eamonn

    • Thank you Father Eamonn for the lovely mass you celebrated this evening , it was a very uplifting mass. Eileen Byrne, Cleckheaton

    • Thank you again Fr Eamonn for a lovely mass this week and also for taking the time to share holy hour with us too.
      It’s such an appreciated lifeline during Lent. See you soon! 🙏

  17. Hi everyone,
    I was out walking the dog this morning (my allocated exercise for the day) and couldn’t help but feel uplifted by the gorgeous morning – so I thought I would share it with you all. I then got to thinking that it would be good if we could share photos of our time in isolation – as an added way of keeping in touch. If you would like to share a photo please email it here, with a comment too if you want, and I will make a collection of the photos.

    Here are Grace and Scarlett with their rainbow pictures.

    Hope everyone is keeping well.
    Best wishes and love from us all,


    • What a great idea Michelle.

      Thank you for sharing that with us. I’m not sure me and Lily will look as nice as Scarlett and Grace but I will have a go😀.

      Keep safe everyone.

      Love and prayers

      Fr Eamonn x

    • Oh Michelle
      Thank you for the lovely
      photos especially the one of Grace and Scarlett . They are both beautiful and the image of you! They give us great hope don’t they bless them!
      Thank you.
      Teresa. X

  18. Hello all. Hope all is well with everyone. I am going to put a poem on – it’s so lovely and appropriate but it is long so please bear with me. It might take more than I message. Apologies if you have it already!
    Teresa. X

    Please click here for poem.

    • Dear Teresa,

      Thank you for the poem. What a lovely message at this difficult time. Hopefully some good will come out of this sad situation.

      Thank you for sharing.

      God bless.

      Fr Eamonn x

      • Hi Fr. Eamonn
        Yes I hope something good will come out of all of this too.
        I suppose it has already as so many good people are risking their health to help others – including you!! It must be very tough on the clergy who have to comfort the sick and bury the dead in these dreadful circumstances . Do take care Fr. Eamonn and a big thank you.


  19. Dear all,

    Let’s do all we can to keep ourselves and others safe. Please follow Government advice and STAY IN DOORS unless it is absolutely essential to go out.

    Love and prayers

    Fr Eamonn

    • Hi Fr. Eamonn and all friends
      of St. Mary’s .

      Thank you Fr. for trying to keep the church open. But yes the best thing we can do now for the greater good is to stay indoors.

      And pray, talk ( if only on here!)
      Sing and dance and if you can get it – eat chocolate!!😂

      Remembering you all in my prayers. Keep safe stay well.

      Teresa x

  20. Many thanks Fr Eamonn and those involved, very innovative and professional!
    Heard about this via email
    and viewing from my iPhone with no problems……

    • Dear Alison,

      Thank you for getting in touch and kind words of encouragement. It is appreciated. It is nice to know that our attempts at reaching out are working.
      I hope you are keeping safe and well.
      God bless.
      Fr Eamonn

  21. Thank you Fr. Eamonn for mass yesterday it was comforting and uplifting at this difficult time. God bless and keep safe love Elaine Thewliss.

  22. Dear Fr. Eamonn

    The parish website is giving me hope and strength through these unprecedented times.
    Thank you for supporting us and making yourself accessible via the internet.

    You are in our prayers, as are all parishioners.

    • Good morning Karin,

      It is good to know the website is helping. If there is anything we can do, do not hesitate to contact us.
      Take care and God bless.

      Fr Eamonn

  23. Dear Fr. Eamonn,Michelle and Patrick,
    Many thanks!
    Maria and Thomas Lockwood.

    • Dear Maria, Arthur and Thomas,

      Thank you for your email. I hope you are keeping well and coping with this new regime. It is a strange time for all.

      Take care and keep as safe as possible.

      God bless

      Fr Eamonn

  24. Thank you Michelle and Patrick. It’s great that you
    are able to allow us all to welcome fr. Eamonn and the Mass into our homes. A great blessing to us technophobes! You are very clever 😂 and much appreciated.
    Yesterday two young people knocked on my door to check that I was ok and gave me the contact number of their support group. Fortunately I am still young(ish) and active enough to get out and help others. But it was so heart warming and encouraging.

    All is well here fr. Everyone rallying round to help each other and others too. Thank God we still have the health and strength to do it!

    Thank you all so much. Keep well.
    Love and prayers

  25. May I say a big ‘thank you’ to Michelle and Patrick Anderson who helped me to record the Mass this weekend. Their skill and hard work is very much appreciated by us all. Without their help, this would not have been possible. Thank you. God bless. Fr Eamonn

    • We are pleased to be able to help where we can at this difficult time – with best wishes to everyone from us all. Take care.

  26. To all our mothers, may I wish you a very happy ‘Mother’s Day’. Although at the moment it is harder to see each other, you are still very much in our thoughts and our hearts. We think too of our mothers who are no longer with us – we remember you each and every day.

    To all parishioners and friends, please take care, keep as safe as possible and let’s keep each other close in prayer.

    God bless.

    Fr Eamonn

  27. Thank you so much for making it possible for us to attend Mass this morning Fr Eamonn and for the additional resources on the website, they bring great comfort during this uncertain times.
    Stay safe all
    Carla and Cody

    • Thank you Carla and Cody for your very kind message. I hope you and family, especially your dad, are keeping safe and well. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Fr Eamonn

  28. Hi Fr Eamonn and all friends and parishioners. Thank you for that fr. Eamonn it’s great to know that the Mass is always and will always go on! And also that it’s available on line. It’s the future – at least for now!
    You need to take care too fr. as you are the key person here! Also keep a special eye on your mum and Lily! 😂
    Keep smiling everyone keep praying and join in the Mass as and if you can.
    We can and will get through this together.

    Teresa Cardle X

    • Dear Teresa,

      Thank you for your lovely message. I hope you and yours are keeping safe and well.

      Mum and Lily are doing well and keeping safe.

      If you or anyone needs me, please do not hesitate to call.

      God bless

      Fr Eamonn

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