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 A word from our Parish Priest Fr Eamonn Hegarty

“Welcome to the website of St. Mary of the Angels in Batley – the home of the Torchlight Procession. Feel free to browse around. Here you will find useful information about who we are and what we do. If there is anything you can’t find or want further information, please feel free to contact us and we are happy to help. We do hope you enjoy our website and find what you are looking for.

Below you will find links to the daily prayer life of the Church, including the daily Mass, the Divine Office and the Rosary. Please join with us in prayer each day.

God bless you.”

Fr Eamonn Hegarty (PP)

Roof Project Update

The work on our new church roof is to begin very shortly. I have a meeting on Thursday 14th January with the architects, builders, roofers and Diocese to agree a start date and also an estimated time of completion. The slight delay in starting is due to the very poor weather we have been having lately. The roofers have been inundated with work and they could not really begin a new project until they had completed their current work. I will be able to give you details of when the work will begin (and estimated end) very soon.

No doubt the work will cause a degree of disruption once it begins. This can’t be helped. As I said a few weeks ago, at least the work will soon be underway and we can see our beautiful church restored. I for one will be delighted to get rid of buckets catching rain water coming through the roof and having to walk on flooding floors and carpets near the sacristy.

Just so you know, I did a quick tally the other day of what we have raised so far for the roof project. This does not include the £2500.00 we raised at our November Fayre last year!! So far with the weekly offerings coming in for the roof since the end of October (two and a half months only) we have raised £3148.95. This is a great achievement. Also, this amount has been raised without the help of planned parish events which will begin shortly. These up and coming events will be a great help to the parish both financially and importantly, socially as well.

Along with this, our parish weekly offertory has increased too. Since we began collecting for the roof at the end of October, we have also raised £5442.31 in the Offertory Collection. This money, both the offertory and the collection for the roof, goes into our parish bank account and will enable us to pay off the debt we incur for the new roof and repairs to our beautiful church. “Thank you” for your continued generosity and enthusiasm as we try to raise the money for the roof project. It really is and has to be, a parish team effort.

May I also take this opportunity to thank Bishop Marcus and the Trustees of the Diocese of Leeds for allowing us to proceed with this project. Like us all, the Diocese has a lot of financial worries, but they have been very generous in allowing us to deal with the problem we have here. Our efforts to raise money for our new roof will not only help us, but also it will help the Diocese as a whole , as we will be more able to repay our debt.Please keep the roof project in your prayers . It is an exciting time for us as a parish as we see our church being restored for the future. I have only been here with you a matter of months, but I know how proud you are of St Mary’s Church.

Fr. Eamonn

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